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All-Inclusive Services & Pricing

  • All-inclusive services and pricing to encourage regular self-care.

  • Choose your style of massage and length of treatment.

  • Select complimentary add-on services at checkout.


Add-ons include:

Arnica, CBD, Cupping, Hot Stones, Herbal Salt Poultices & Energy Balancing, Third Eye Chakra Singing Bowl, Abdominal Massage and Face & Scalp Massage with Marma Point Therapy.

(Not all add-ons are available for all services)


*Gratuities are included in all services. Additional gratuity is optional, thank you.


Give the gift of massage with a customized gift certificate.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage uses light to medium pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This classic massage will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation.

60 min –  $115 
90 min –  $165

The beautiful girl has massage. Authentic image of luxury spa treatment. Warm colors, char

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage uses a therapeutic firm pressure to help release your areas of tension that are held in the muscle tissues. Deep Tissue massage generally focuses on your areas holding the most pain and discomfort.

60 min – $125
90 min – $175

Deep Tissue Massage
The beautiful girl has massage. Authentic image of luxury spa treatment. Warm colors, char

Targeted Massage

This targeted massage treatment is for people who need a particular area of their body worked on. Some examples are: back neck and shoulders; hips, legs and feet; or arms, décolleté, face and scalp. When booking this targeted massage, please specify in your intake form or in the booking app notes the areas you wish to have addressed.

60 min – $125
90 min – $175

Targeted Masage
Calf massage

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is safe for expectant mothers beginning in their second trimester and when experiencing common aches and pains. Depending on each individual expectant mother there will always be supportive cushions and or pillows to support mom and her growing belly to ensure both comfort and safety.

60 min – $115
90 min  – $165

Prenatal Massage
Pregnant Woman - Prenatal Massage

Vibrational Reset Massage

The Vibrational Reset Massage was inspired by the Solar Eclipse of April 8th 2024. With all the wild energy in the world around us, it is no wonder there are so many factors influencing our vibrational rhythms. We are all connected on a much deeper level than we even realize, energetic disruptions can leave you feeling extra sensitive, emotional and unsettled. Addressing your energetic body in a safe, nurturing place can help reset your vibrational rhythm.


This Vibrational Reset Massage includes sound healing, chakra balancing and Marma Point Therapy, which are all modalities to help you heal and nurture from within.  During a solar eclipse, the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth represents a coming together as One. With the inspiration of attunement in mind, a Vibrational Reset Massage might be exactly the self-care your body needs.

90 min - $175

120 min - $250

Thai Massage
Woman lay on couch on her back with closed eyes and enjoy. Man make relaxing and therapeut

Structural Myofascial Massage

Structural Myofascial Massage uses a variety of modalities such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Active Release Therapy. This is a condition-specific treatment that addresses your areas of pain, tension, overuse and past injuries. Myofascial pain and Trigger Points can develop from damage to muscle fibers, repetitive motions or lack of activity. Understanding what your body has been through or what it endures is an important piece to understanding the source of your imbalances.


*An initial pretreatment full body assessment is needed to determine the best plan of action. Structural Myofascial Massage consists of deep palpation and slow massage movements and is not always comfortable; that being said, communication is  important and imperative throughout this treatment.

90 min – $180
120 min – $260

Sports Massage
Close-up of man getting massage.jpg

Custom Healing Experience

This blissful custom healing two hour massage treatment allows your body to finally go into a deep state of relaxation. Designed to give you enough time during your massage that you can try new modalities such as herbal poultices for energetic balancing or cupping therapy, while not feeling like any areas of your body needing attention get left out or neglected.  This custom treatment uses your chosen add-on modalities and aromatherapy to best help you get out of your daily static and into a state of complete bliss.


120 min – $250

Custom Healing Experience
Massage with hot basalt stones. Close-up

Seasonal Special – Tropical Hot Stone Massage

The Tropical Hot Stone Massage combines scented Fijian coconut massage oil with the luxurious warmth of hot stones to melt away your tension and stress. You will be temporarily transported into a tropical escape of your choice.  This rejuvenating tropical-inspired, hot stone massage will help ease you into blissful state and prepare you to get you back on your game. The Tropical Hot Stone Massage is only available for a limited time.

60 min - $115

90 min - $165

Seasoal Special Anchor - Magnesium
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. Therapist massaging Woman’s Back, using Elbow Pressure..jpg

More Bodywork Availabilty

Also, check out Sacred Pulse Bodywork, which shares a space with Third Eye Massage. Andrea Dobson is a colleague, friend, and amazingly talented bodyworker offering Craniosacral Therapy, many 2-hour services and much more.  If you see availability for both of us at the same time on the same day, feel free to book and request a couple's massage. 

Seasoal Special Anchor - Magnesium

Laura is a very intuitive therapist. She puts me at ease with her calming presence and makes it easy to relax right away. She has the amazing ability to find and heal areas that I didn't even realize were an issue and I always feel my best after receiving a treatment from her. She actually relaxed me once to the point that I was drooling on the floor! I highly recommend booking a service with Laura. She will help you to feel your best and give you tools to continue to heal long after you leave her table."

Maria H.

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